Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud

With Novani’s private cloud solutions, you maintain complete control of your IT strategy while being able to implement new services quickly with no downtime. Our private cloud solutions help you reap the benefits of cloud computing without compromising security or overall system flexibility. Since there is no sharing of physical resources, our private cloud ensures privacy and security across all platforms and processes. With Novani private cloud solutions you can:

  • • Sync physical servers to virtual servers on a regular, automated basis
  • • Replicate your virtual machines to our hosting facility in case disaster


  • • Experience 24×7 coverage for when you’re on vacation or out of the



Public and Hybrid Cloud

For organizations that require cost-effective solutions that benefit from economies of scale, we partner with public cloud providers such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure to offer on-demand, scalable cloud services. Customers in the public cloud share the same infrastructure with limited configuration and availability variances but benefit from the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model.

By combining the advantages of both public and private cloud models, we also offer hybrid cloud solutions that can help you address design, migration, configuration, optimization and maintenance needs by leveraging both environments for a custom solution. Our expertise in network integration, storage and virtualization means we are able to determine the best/cost benefit ratio based on your needs, including security, access, availability and resource allocation.


Cloud Services

Cloud-based services allow you to quickly deploy and manage powerful applications without investing in costly hardware or software. With cloud services you never have to worry about hardware failure, software patching or maintenance. Novani partners with exceptional cloud services providers like Mimecast, Soonr and Office 365 to offer effective, reliable and economical hosted services that allow you to focus on the solution and not the infrastructure. Our pay-as-you-go cloud services allow for maximum flexibility and scalability while minimizing costs and downtime. Contact us today for more information on how you can benefit by moving your applications into the cloud.