Jive Commnications: Hosted VoIP

With the increasing availability of broadband Internet access, moving your phone system to the cloud is a logical transition that allows you to save money on expensive phone systems while utilizing unused bandwidth. With a multitude of providers offering voice over IP service, the real challenge is finding one that can deliver high quality voice service and support without locking you into proprietary technology or high costs.

Jive VoIP offers month to month contracts, pre-programmed phones, and live, USA-based support. Their support specialists can get you up and running quickly and with no installation fees. Jive VoIP works with many VoIP phones and includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the 48 states, as well as discounted international calls compared to typical phone service. Jive can also port over your existing number and extensions if needed.

For enterprise businesses with multiple locations, Jive can reduce your monthly costs by unifying your phone system under one umbrella and facilitating dial by extension numbers, even for employees on the move. Users can transfer their phone to any location and maintain the same extension and phone number or utilize soft phones if a regular handset is too cumbersome.

Novani’s network infrastructure expertise can help optimize your firewall and switch layers to prioritize voice quality without affecting your network speed or reliability. Contact us today so we can put you in touch with a Jive specialist, as well as provide comprehensive consulting solutions to integrate and optimize your network for Jive VoIP.