Office 365: Cloud Office Suite

Until now, choosing a hosted Exchange provider capable of providing the necessary reliability, longevity, and support has been a difficult task. By partnering directly with Microsoft, those concerns are a thing of the past. Cloud-based Office 365 includes the full suite of Office applications and can be integrated with Sharepoint, Lync, and SkyDrive, all for a low monthly fee. Office 365 removes the complex IT budgeting metrics for Exchange hardware, licensing, management, support, and maintenance. Office 365’s low upfront costs, lower IT costs and flexibility add up to the ROI your business needs to succeed.

At the same time, no cloud-based application provider, including Microsoft or Google, can provide 100% uptime. That’s why Novani recommends Mimecast’s UEM solution as an add-on to your Office 365 service. This fully supported partnership from two independent vendors will allow you to build a worry-free Exchange environment that provides an email platform that will come as close to 100% uptime as you will ever get. Contact Novani today for a free consultation on how Office 365 can replace your hosted or on premise Exchange infrastructure at a lower TCO while maintaining high availability and data redundancy by integrating with Mimecast UEM Enterprise.

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