Companies today often face the challenge of integrating employee personal devices into the corporate network. Personal and corporate data start to overlap and it becomes difficult to monitor and secure the devices connecting to the network. Mobile Device Management offers a solution to these challenges. Novani has partnered with MaaS360, an IBM company, to deliver an effective cloud platform to secure and monitor mobile devices connecting to your Exchange infrastructure, whether on-premise or through Office 365.

The tools currently available through Exchange don’t really provide the features necessary for managing user personal devices. Issuing a wipe command can be useful in the case of a lost or stolen device, but can also result in crucial data being deleted when an employee leaves the company. MDM from MaaS360 allows organizations to selectively wipe corporate data without the risk of erasing personal photos, apps, or data. MDM also allows administrators to push out standardized packages of corporate applications, saving time on the setup, administration, and support of personal devices.

Additionally, the MaaS360 admin console gives IT administrators a comprehensive view of the devices syncing with Exchange, as well as the ability to setup policies that ensure only patched mobile devices have access. Recent flaws in IOS SSL encryption can expose internal passwords to the outside world; MDM allows you to disable functionality until the device is patched.

MaaS360 also includes valuable features like laptop management, secure document sharing, and access to internal network resources, such as an intranet site, without the need for a VPN. Contact Novani today to setup a MaaS360 demo and learn how MDM can help simplify mobile administration and secure your data.