Mimecast: Unified Email Management

Mimecast’s Unified Email Management platform delivers comprehensive protection for cloud and on premise email platforms. This unique service combines spam filtering, email continuity, and archiving into a single platform to enhance and protect your digital communications. The foundation is an effective, low maintenance spam filter that can be managed from any web browser or Mimecast’s customized Outlook plugin. Mimecast’s UEM Express solution combines email filtering with a continuity service — in the event your email server becomes unavailable, you can utilize Mimecast’s services via the web, Outlook, or mobile platform to continue to send and receive email until your normal service is restored. The UEM Enterprise solution adds archiving to the filtering and continuity feature set.

Mimecast’s integration of email continuity and security allows email archiving to become a seamless add-on to your existing service. Email copies can be retained and indexed for litigation or restoration purposes. The Outlook plugin, Mac and mobile apps enable end users to search their inbox quickly and efficiently. Mimecast’s unique archiving policies allow you to retain mail for up to 99 years, with unlimited storage at a flat per user monthly cost. System administrators no longer have to worry about procuring expensive storage for production, historical, and backup data.

Novani’s expertise with various network infrastructures can help integrate Mimecast into your environment to create a highly available and secure email infrastructure. Our technical staff is highly trained in providing personalized support by phone or email. Contact Novani to schedule a Mimecast demo and see how it can enhance your email platform today.