N-Able: Remote Management

Novani’s IT asset management platform, powered by N-Able Technologies, provides a unified platform for system administrators to comprehensively view and manage their IT assets. This centralized cloud management portal allows administrators to proactively monitor and support their IT infrastructure, providing real-time views of system status, along with an escalating alert system to notify you immediately of deficient systems. With a click of a button, support staff can have shared screen control with end users, simplifying and speeding up helpdesk resolution times. Efficiency is maximized by bringing multiple facets of your network into a single viewing pane, allowing you to see hardware health status, software patch status, and network utilization on your firewall or switches.

Adding N-Able to your network allows you to offload resources from your internal infrastructure since systems such as WSUS, AV management servers, and on premise monitoring are no longer needed. With your management application in the cloud, you will have better visibility of all your IT assets, whether on premise or at remote locations. This allows you to push standardized updates or applications across all company systems, as well as view reports to see which systems are not compliant. N-Able also offers an optional antivirus component, powered by Bitdefender, in which AV status and updates can all be centrally managed from Novani’s cloud management portal.

Novani has extensive experience integrating management platforms with various network and hardware devices. Contact us today to see how N-Able can help streamline your support and IT management processes.