Soonr: Cloud File Sharing

Soonr is a cloud-based collaboration and file sharing solution designed to seamlessly integrate network file shares across multiple platforms without having to reinvent your existing Windows file server. Our integration methodology allows users to transition to the cloud easily and at their own pace. Starting with 1-5 TB of space and 180 days of backups and versioning, your file shares instantly become more redundant and available with an efficient offsite replication engine. Soonr is also geo-redundant with data storage in multiple locations.

Users will be able to access their files from any Mac or PC as well as supported mobile platforms. Whether you are online, offline, or have intermittent network connectivity, files will be accessible to you at local access speeds. VPN configuration, WAN acceleration, and wait times to open and save files are no longer an issue.

Soonr’s simple file locking and versioning mechanisms will allow users to continue to collaborate without fear of losing changes or data. Want exclusive access to a file? Right click and lock the file to gain exclusive editing access to the original file, or simply start editing it within Microsoft Office and Soonr’s plugin will lock the file for you.

Key features include full indexing of all content, mobile editing, a streamlined view of your file folders and sharing with third parties via public links or connection licenses.

Security of your data in the cloud is Soonr’s top priority and you can help limit your exposures by integrating authentication to Active Directory. Setting up AD integration takes minutes without any modifications to your firewall, thus providing an extra layer of security to your last line of defense – your password. Contact Novani for a demo or free 14 day trial of Soonr and see how easy it is to share.